Sunday, October 3, 2010

Three new releases and a great new giveaway!

Keep those pretty ankles warm and your mood frisky in Feisty, the new release from Heart & Sole! Classic and elegant suede ankle boots color change to 12 rich jewel tones and add a splash of color to keep autumn bright. Choose just the right metal tone, too, with a click of the hud.

Break a few rules in Mischief, a versatile new boot from Heart & Sole. So many choices you can wear them dozens of times and never look the same twice! The lower part is richly-toned suede to the ankle, topped with knitted uppers to keep you fashionably warm when the weather is unpredictable. Not only the outside, but also the inside of the knitted top can be color coordinated to whatever look you're in today.

Spike, a savagely sexy shoe for the wild side of you. Ten fun fur textures and a not-so-subtle border of metal spikes let everyone know that while danger may be your middle name, it had better not get too close. Finish off the look with my luscious new toenail shades and your choice of metal tones, and you're ready to tame any wild creature.

A chance to win L$1000 every day??? In the main store near the New Releases corner, you'll find a big Heart & Sole shoebox on display. Come in every day and click the box and you'll be entered in a daily drawing for a L$1000 gift card! This gift card will be no transfer, so only the winner can use it--please do tell your friends to come and enter, but they can't help you win. To win, you MUST keep Heart & Sole in your profile as one of your picks. If a winner is drawn who doesn't have H&S in picks, that name will be discarded and a different winner will be drawn. One entry per day, but you can come in and tap the box every day to raise your chances! Don't miss out on your chance at this nice prize! Head into the main store and get your entry in today!