Sunday, February 21, 2010

Be a legend in Marilyn and Joan

Introducing the Sirens of the Silver Screen Collection

Heart & Sole salutes the classic beauty of the amazing women who defined what stardom would become.


She was the perfect combination of sweet and sinful, a sexy beauty men wanted to possess and protect at the same time. Her star shone brightly and burned out too soon, but Marilyn Monroe will live on forever. Capture her glow and the magic for yourself in Marilyn. Let your naughty toes flirt in the sunshine while your shy ankles are neatly tied up in a plump, feminine bow.
Nine picture-perfect shades to make you glitter like a star in every outfit, only from Heart & Sole.


Beyond her reputation as Mommie Dearest, Joan Crawford was a glamorous star of stage and screen, and a brilliant and determined businesswoman. In her day she dominated Hollywood and proved that women didn't have to accept rules made by men. Was she a little crazy in her personal life? Some say yes, some say no, but no one can deny her incredible presence and strength. Heart & Sole channels that power to you with Joan. Sleek pumps with a commanding heel, strapped across the toes, buckled across the instep, and not one but two belts latched around your ankle to support every step. Nine camera-ready colors. Stand tall in Joan, and show the world that the sexiest thing about a woman can be pure confidence.

Top 5? Oh yes!!!!

I just found out, InnerWorld Magazine has named Heart & Sole's Wrapped one of the Top 5 Shoes with Sculpted Toes! What a huge honor! I'm so excited, and I thank every one of you for this recognition--it wouldn't have happened without all of you!!!

<3 Bijoux

Friday, February 12, 2010

Heart-healthy fatpacks at Heart & Sole!!

Heart & Sole is trimming the fat--all fatpacks are now reduced! Fatpacks have always been a great way to save while getting a wide variety of colors in the styles you love. To make having plenty of choice even easier on your budget, I'm marking down ALL my fatpacks. If you need two or more colors of a shoe or boot, the whole pack will always be your best value.

Also...look for new lower prices on some individual shoes and boots throughout the store! This is my Valentine's gift to all of you! This is NOT a sale, these are permanent price reductions. I love my customers!


Buckle up for a wild ride in Strapping!!

If some is good, more is better, and Heart & Sole feeds your need for more with Strapping. You've flirted with thigh-highs, but you never saw this one coming. Long, lean, textured leather hugs your calves and thighs tightly, bound by a cascade of straps and buckles that would confound Houdini himself...but you slip into them as easily as a dagger into its sheath. Lash them on with any outfit--a touch changes the color of the leather, the straps, even the buckles. Red, blue, purple, white, or blackest black for the leather and straps, and silver, black, copper, or gold for the buckles...these boots will obey your every whim, and remind everyone else you mean business.

Nobody else straps you in like Heart & Sole.

Friday, February 5, 2010

Athena was loved and craved by gods and mortals alike, but never allowed her heart to be captured. Wrap your feet in Athena from Heart & Sole, and discover what it's like to be an untamed spirit, wanted and worshipped, but possessed by none. Leather bands cradle your toes and heels, while slender leather strands form an intricate framework for your feet and ankles, caught together with bright bits of color. In eight unbound shades...or if you can't be limited, grab the fatpack and wrap yourself in every hue for half the price of buying them separately.

It's your decide who touches it. Show them your sexy but indomitable spirit in Athena, only from Heart & Sole.

Thursday, February 4, 2010

What? You didn't know about the Valentine's Hunt at Heart & Sole! Don't worry, there's plenty of time left!

All over the store, you'll find shiny, fat pink hearts hidden (and some not so hidden), with prizes stashed inside. But just to make it tougher, some of the hearts are empty decoys. It's up to you to break into the 6 true hearts that are holding your gifts--each one holds a single shoe, so you'll need to find its mate in another heart.

Want to know what's even better? NINE stores on the Heart and Sole sim are participating in the hunt, so after you've scored your free shoes, head on over to the other stores and find a variety of other prizes! Hunt runs from now through February 15. Join in the adventure, breaking hearts was never so much fun!

Participating stores are:
Heart & Sole
:KC: Hair
Sommerfeld Designs
Virtual Insanity
**W&D** Fashion Design

Just in time for Valentine's Day--the first-ever collaboration between Heart & Sole and Alexohol!

Introducing "Amore", a delicious dessert you can wear, ripe and juicy red as the cherry on top of an ice cream sundae! Our sim neighbor Alexohol has put together a dress and lingerie set to melt your Valentine's heart in the daylight and after dark as well. And to carry the luscious look right down to your tootsies, Heart & Sole's Amore wraps you up in red straps from toe to ankle, with a sleek spike heel in black so no one forgets who's really in charge of your heart.

To make your Valentine's Day even sweeter, Amore is only 200L, and transferrable! Treat yourself or a special lady to this confection at Heart & Sole, and don't forget to hop across the sim to Alexohol for the matching outfit!