Sunday, May 23, 2010

Mile High hits the heights at Heart & Sole!!

You're already on top of the world, now reach for the stars. Mile High, a sexy and fun new stiletto from Heart & Sole, lifts you to new fashion heights with a dizzyingly high heel and three changeable ornaments cascading from ankle to instep. Thirteen colors for the shoes with two ornament texture sets to choose from.

Mile High Metals gives you 13 shades of satiny brushed metal for the ornaments, while Mile High Woods features 13 natural wood textures. Both feature my easy-to-use HUD that lets you perfect your shoe color, textures, skin tone, metal accessories, and toenails with a click.

Pick either version for 500L or climb into both Mile High Metals and Mile High Woods for only 800L.

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Midnight Mania returns to Heart & Sole!

Midnight Madness has been on a short vacation, but is back at Heart & Sole with a new updated shoe that includes our terrific new HUD!
"Drops", a favorite style, is here for you in bright sunshine yellow. A fully color-change version is also available for sale. Come on in and register for your free "Drops"!!

Friday, May 14, 2010

Soiree debuts in two versions at Heart & Sole

Picture a sultry summer evening, sweet fiddle music filling the air, and a smile from the one you love. Put on your prettiest dress, strap on Soiree, and whirl onto the dance floor. The HUD takes only a click to switch between 12 richly textured shoe fabrics and 9 contrasting lace shades, plus 7 metal tones gathering the laces together. Finish with the perfect toenails and dance the night away.

Choose gleaming black soles and heels with deep colors in the Dark version, or mellow woodtone soles and heels and lighter fabrics in the Pastel version. 500L for each style, or if you have to have both--and why wouldn't you?--save by getting the set for 800L! Soiree is waiting to make your summer sweet, at Heart & Sole.

Vixen tempts you twice at Heart & Sole

Slip on your swingiest skirt and step into Vixen, and you're ready to hit the mall or the dance floor. Use the magic HUD to quickly switch between 10 rich shoe colors and 20 lace shades to coordinate or contrast with every outfit. Even the little metal accents change to 7 gleaming metallic tones, and of course your toenails switch to the color you like best.

Choose glossy black or medium wood for the sole and heel, or grab both versions and save! Only 500L per pair or 800L for the set of two. Vixen, now making mischief at Heart & Sole.

Thursday, May 6, 2010

You don't go looking for trouble, but somehow it always finds you. Blame your shoes, babe...they say "Come and get me" with a choice of two equally risky roads. Wear the shoe alone and flash a sexy pump laced from toe to ankle, or add the optional upper section and take the laces further up your dangerous curves. Sweet bows in the back let you play innocent, while either look keeps all eyes locked on you.

Twelve sophisticated tones to keep your summer strolls sizzling, in one pair of shoes--switch gears to a different color with a click of the HUD. The upper laces are modifiable (although it says no mod) to custom fit your own legs.

Double Trouble, only available at Heart & Sole, and don't say we didn't warn you.