Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Introducing Heart & Stitches!!

Introducing...Heart & Stitches, my new clothing line from Heart & Sole! I'm pleased to begin offering clothing styles to coordinate with your favorite H&S footwear. Check the New Releases section of the main store and be among the first to wear Heart & Stitches. Be sweet and sexy in Cuddles, a cropped sweater and denim capri duo. Or go naughty in Strapped, a sizzlingly short minidress barely held together with buckles.

To celebrate the launch of Heart & Stitches, for a limited time EVERY CURRENT STYLE IN THE MAIN STORE is half price! All clothing and current footwear, including fat packs, at 50% off. Now's the time to fill your closet and shoe cupboard for the upcoming holiday season.

While you're shopping, be sure to enter the ongoing drawing for a L$1000 gift card! Touch the giant shoebox in New Releases for details, and you may be one of the 3 lucky people per week to win a personal shopping spree! Only 100 people can enter, so hurry over to the main store and claim your spot in the drawing.

<3 Bijoux

Sunday, October 3, 2010

Three new releases and a great new giveaway!

Keep those pretty ankles warm and your mood frisky in Feisty, the new release from Heart & Sole! Classic and elegant suede ankle boots color change to 12 rich jewel tones and add a splash of color to keep autumn bright. Choose just the right metal tone, too, with a click of the hud.

Break a few rules in Mischief, a versatile new boot from Heart & Sole. So many choices you can wear them dozens of times and never look the same twice! The lower part is richly-toned suede to the ankle, topped with knitted uppers to keep you fashionably warm when the weather is unpredictable. Not only the outside, but also the inside of the knitted top can be color coordinated to whatever look you're in today.

Spike, a savagely sexy shoe for the wild side of you. Ten fun fur textures and a not-so-subtle border of metal spikes let everyone know that while danger may be your middle name, it had better not get too close. Finish off the look with my luscious new toenail shades and your choice of metal tones, and you're ready to tame any wild creature.

A chance to win L$1000 every day??? In the main store near the New Releases corner, you'll find a big Heart & Sole shoebox on display. Come in every day and click the box and you'll be entered in a daily drawing for a L$1000 gift card! This gift card will be no transfer, so only the winner can use it--please do tell your friends to come and enter, but they can't help you win. To win, you MUST keep Heart & Sole in your profile as one of your picks. If a winner is drawn who doesn't have H&S in picks, that name will be discarded and a different winner will be drawn. One entry per day, but you can come in and tap the box every day to raise your chances! Don't miss out on your chance at this nice prize! Head into the main store and get your entry in today!

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Fascinating footwear at Heart & Sole

Summer's winding down, but the magic doesn't have to end. Introducing Fascination, the shoe that will move you easily into autumn. Extra-high heels make this leather pump sophisticated and sexy, while the peeping toes and the flirty little laces along the sides add a touch of playfulness. Twenty luscious shoe textures to choose from, with just a click of the HUD to get the perfect color and metal tones, then polish off your look with our yummy new toenail shades! Keep all eyes where they belong--on you--in Fascination, only available from Heart & Sole.

Sunday, September 12, 2010

Autumn's coming--get Gemmed!

Summer has slipped away all too quickly, and it's time to start dressing up instead of down. Make the transition effortlessly with Gemmed, the sophisticated new pump from Heart & Sole. Needle-thin heels elevate your outlook, while gem-studded leather cradle your toes and ankles. A click of the HUD changes the shoe texture, the metal tones, the gemstones, and even the gem settings! And if you haven't seen my delicious new polish shades yet, get ready to fall in love with your toes.

L$500 lets you choose from 14 shades for every autumn outfit. Sparkle like the treasure you are in Gemmed, only from Heart & Sole.

Don't forget--the Twisted Hunt is still going on, so you have time to come over and grab your prize! Try your hunting skills on the hardest hunt in SL and score an exclusive Spiked shoe.

A Taste of Second Life is celebrating "School Daze" this weekend, and I'm offering "Zamira", my cute platform Mary Jane to complete your classroom look. Black leather with color-change knee socks, and only L$100--but hurry, they go back to the regular price when the weekend is over!

Also, 3 more shoes added to the Last Call wall, price reduced to 100L, for a limited time. The shoes will be retired soon and gone forever!

Have a great week!
<3 Bijoux

Saturday, September 4, 2010

Heart & Sole is proud to be a sponsor of the Twisted Hunt, currently underway and running until September 30th! Billed as the hardest hunt in SL, the 2010 Twisted Hunt's theme is "Spooky", and the most twisted SL designers featured in the hunt will do their best to terrify you with awesomeness! The H&S Twisted Hunt prize, "Spike" is a special pre-release in a black-on-white fur texture, with wicked spikes marching along the edges to keep trouble away. You'll love our gorgeous new toenail shades, too!

No hints for this specially challenging hunt, but I will warn you--my store has two decoy prizes, so keep hunting until you find the one with the shoes and the next LM. Good luck!
<3 Bijoux

Saturday, August 28, 2010

Locked Up is rocking Heart & Sole

Looking for adventure in whatever comes your way...feel hot and stay cool while you follow the road wherever it leads you next. Seal your fate in Locked Up, Heart & Sole's sexy pump that's equal parts danger and desire. Playful yet sophisticated, the tiny padlocks at your ankles tell anyone who's paying attention that you DO take prisoners--and they might be next to fall at your feet. Twenty tantalizing shades to choose from, plus perfect pedicures and skin tones, all with a click of the HUD. Get your motor running in Locked Up, only from Heart & Sole.

Free Shoes!!!

For a limited time, members of the Heart & Sole group receive a special edition of Dream Weaver, with exclusive colors that will never be sold--the only way to get it is to be in the group! During this promotion, there will be a one-time charge of L$99 to join the group. Grab an exclusive pair of H&S shoes for only L$99, and enjoy all the fun of being a group member!

Coming soon...The Secret Garden at Heart & Sole

Heart & Sole's events venue will be reopening soon with a new name and a whole new look! Join us for the grand opening of The Secret Garden, with special guest AMForte Clarity, voted Best SL Musician of 2009. It all happens Tuesday, September 7th, at 7pm SL time. We can't wait to see you!

Thursday, August 12, 2010

These lazy, crazy days of summer won't last forever, so breeze through them while they last in Summer Lovin', a pretty pump that wears as easily as a sandal, with a heel to keep your feet off the hot pavement and sexy laces wrapped around your ankles. Ten shades as light and luscious as cotton candy at the county fair, all in one color-change HUD that also gives you sunshine-perfect skin and nails. Keep your summer going strong at Heart & Sole.

Monday, August 2, 2010

Sizzling Summer Sale on Heart & Sole sim!

Ready for summer bargains? Come beat the heat on the Heart & Sole sim with some cool deals. All participating stores have at least one item marked down to half price! Sale runs one full week from August 2-9, so grab your favorite styles!

Look for the sale sign at the following stores:

Plastic Flowers
Nomen Nescio Shop
Nuuna's Skins
Fool's Fate
Adorkable Poses
Sassy Kitty
Luscious Pixels
Blackberry Jam
Sher's Cottage Gardens

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Step out in Sassy from Heart & Sole!!

The perfect balance between sass and Sassy, the fun and flirty new pump from Heart & Sole. Wickedly high heels and an impish little bow in back for your naughty side, while a glittering jewel shows you are just as sophisticated as you are sinful. The easy to use HUD gives each of the two sets 21 colors to choose from; skintone, nails, metals, and jewel colors also change with a click. Choose either set for L$500, or take both for L$800 and get all 42 colors on a single HUD . Step out as whoever you want to be in Sassy, only from Heart & Sole.

Friday, July 9, 2010

Sometimes you're sophisticated, sometimes you're sexy, but you're never sedate. Introducing Crossed, Heart & Sole's newest style for the unexpected side of you. Contoured leather straps bound together with a glint of metal holding it all in place, and a heel that will make your legs go on forever. Then a bit of fun...cross-shaped laces march around the ankle strap and color change to coordinate or contrast as you please! Ten leather shades and twenty crisscross colors to choose from with a simple click of the HUD. Finish up with the skin tone, metal, and pedicure that bring your look together as only you can, and you're ready for whatever crosses your path.

Heart & Sole is proud to participate in Taste of Second Life! Come see which shoe we have marked down by 50% for this weekend only! Also four of the entries on the Last Call wall are disappearing forever after Sunday night, so don't miss them!

Thursday, July 1, 2010

New Last Call items and Photo Challenge!

Sale--four styles have been moved to the Last Call wall--get them while they last at only L$100 per pair! When they are gone, they are gone forever, so don't miss this final chance. FYI, Madness is still there, but this is the final week, so if you've been thinking about grabbing this great thigh-high, now's the time!

Big news! Heart & Sole is having our first-ever photo challenge! Show off your skills and try for the top prize of L$3000 cash and a L$2000 Heart & Sole gift card. Runner-up prizes too, and a chance to have your work considered for current or future advertising. Stop in the main store and look for the pink sign to get details and an application.

Happy Canada Day and Independence Day weekend to those in North America, and happy weekend to all!!
<3 Bijoux

Monday, June 28, 2010

Two new releases at Heart & Sole!

By day you're fun and flirty, by night you're sophisticated and seductive...and your shoes need to keep up with all the women you are. Introducing Coquette from Heart & Sole, a pump that goes from playful to posh upon command. A sleek black base and spike heel lay the groundwork for a look that obeys your every whim, with three separate leather strap pieces that change color--mix them up for a fun feel, or match them for a solid sophisticated look. The leather wraps your toes and ankles and crosses in front with a sexy flourish.

Two sets of shades: Set 1 has 14 deeper tones, and Set 2 has 14 brighter tones. Choose your favorite set for $500L, or take both and get all 28 shade options on a single hud that combines them all, for only $800L.

Get your flirt on with Coquette, only from Heart & Sole.

There is evil in the virtual world, and you are the woman to deal with it. Dress like a heroine in Warrior, the new style from Heart & Sole. A heeled pump strapped just below the knees with sexy suede bands, bound up the back with a chain. Evil vanquished for the day? Switch back to your mild mannered secret identity and remove the optional upper portion for a sophisticated evening ankle-high pump.

20 Suede textures, 5 metal tones, a variety of toenails and skin tones all change easily with a click of the HUD. Right the wrongs in Warrior, only from Heart & Sole.

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Half price sale at Heart & Sole NYC location!!

Half price sale, only at New York NYC location!

Don't miss this chance to grab cute, popular Heart & Sole styles for only--HALF PRICE! That's right, for a limited time, all styles displayed at the NYC location are marked down to half price! Same quality, same great looks, same easy to use HUD to give you tons of options, but only half the price.

Only at my New York NYC location!

<3 Bijoux

Monday, June 21, 2010

Save the world in Xena from Heart & Sole

Inside every woman there is a warrior princess waiting for her chance to take down the evil doers of the world. Unleash your inner heroine in Xena. Flat sandals so light you'll barely feel them, with a color change suede strap, and topped with slender leather laces--you decide to lace them low at the ankle, a little higher at mid-calf, or all the way up to just below your knee. Metal beads gather the straps together and change to your choice of seven metallic tones, and as always you perfect your skin tone and pedicure with a click of the HUD. 20 gorgeous shades packed into one pair of shoes you'll live in all summer long. Start your adventure today in Xena, only from Heart & Sole.

Sunday, June 13, 2010

Fun new styles at Heart & Sole!

Cool off your look in Popsicles, the fun and easy new style from Heart & Sole. Flat sandals have a white sole with a simple band across the toes. Switch between fourteen ice-creamy flavors, and top it off with the perfect polish to show off your cute little lollipop toes. Skin tone also adjusts with a click of the HUD. Perfect for that romantic picnic, walks along the shore, or a beach party with the whole gang. Only $300L and you'll coordinate with everything under the sun.

Scoop up a pair of Popsicles today at Heart & Sole, and let the summer games begin!

Capture your fantasies in Dream Weavers, new from Heart & Sole. Braided leather bands with pretty bead accents, atop cloud-high heels.

Two versions: Solid gives you a dozen vibrant colors to choose from, while Multi stirs things up with twelve blended tones. Both styles let you choose your favorite metals, bead textures, base color, and pedicure, while matching your skin tone takes a simple click of the HUD. Choose your favorite for $L500, or both for only $L800.

Make your dreams come true in Dream Weavers, only from Heart & Sole.

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Gift Card Sale at Heart & Sole!


Gift cards are on sale at Heart &Sole, for 2 days only! The higher value you buy, the more you save!

500L Gift Card, you pay 400L, save 20%
1000L Gift Card, you pay 800L, save 20%
1500L Gift Card, you pay 1125L, save 25%
2000L Gift Card, you pay 1500L, save 25%
2500L Gift Card, you pay 1750L, save 30%
3000L Gift Card, you pay 2100L, save 30%

The vendor is in the store near the new releases, and it couldn't be easier to use. Simple instructions are included with every card, so you or your lucky gift recipient will enjoy shopping with no hassles.

<3 Bijoux

Sunday, May 23, 2010

Mile High hits the heights at Heart & Sole!!

You're already on top of the world, now reach for the stars. Mile High, a sexy and fun new stiletto from Heart & Sole, lifts you to new fashion heights with a dizzyingly high heel and three changeable ornaments cascading from ankle to instep. Thirteen colors for the shoes with two ornament texture sets to choose from.

Mile High Metals gives you 13 shades of satiny brushed metal for the ornaments, while Mile High Woods features 13 natural wood textures. Both feature my easy-to-use HUD that lets you perfect your shoe color, textures, skin tone, metal accessories, and toenails with a click.

Pick either version for 500L or climb into both Mile High Metals and Mile High Woods for only 800L.

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Midnight Mania returns to Heart & Sole!

Midnight Madness has been on a short vacation, but is back at Heart & Sole with a new updated shoe that includes our terrific new HUD!
"Drops", a favorite style, is here for you in bright sunshine yellow. A fully color-change version is also available for sale. Come on in and register for your free "Drops"!!

Friday, May 14, 2010

Soiree debuts in two versions at Heart & Sole

Picture a sultry summer evening, sweet fiddle music filling the air, and a smile from the one you love. Put on your prettiest dress, strap on Soiree, and whirl onto the dance floor. The HUD takes only a click to switch between 12 richly textured shoe fabrics and 9 contrasting lace shades, plus 7 metal tones gathering the laces together. Finish with the perfect toenails and dance the night away.

Choose gleaming black soles and heels with deep colors in the Dark version, or mellow woodtone soles and heels and lighter fabrics in the Pastel version. 500L for each style, or if you have to have both--and why wouldn't you?--save by getting the set for 800L! Soiree is waiting to make your summer sweet, at Heart & Sole.

Vixen tempts you twice at Heart & Sole

Slip on your swingiest skirt and step into Vixen, and you're ready to hit the mall or the dance floor. Use the magic HUD to quickly switch between 10 rich shoe colors and 20 lace shades to coordinate or contrast with every outfit. Even the little metal accents change to 7 gleaming metallic tones, and of course your toenails switch to the color you like best.

Choose glossy black or medium wood for the sole and heel, or grab both versions and save! Only 500L per pair or 800L for the set of two. Vixen, now making mischief at Heart & Sole.

Thursday, May 6, 2010

You don't go looking for trouble, but somehow it always finds you. Blame your shoes, babe...they say "Come and get me" with a choice of two equally risky roads. Wear the shoe alone and flash a sexy pump laced from toe to ankle, or add the optional upper section and take the laces further up your dangerous curves. Sweet bows in the back let you play innocent, while either look keeps all eyes locked on you.

Twelve sophisticated tones to keep your summer strolls sizzling, in one pair of shoes--switch gears to a different color with a click of the HUD. The upper laces are modifiable (although it says no mod) to custom fit your own legs.

Double Trouble, only available at Heart & Sole, and don't say we didn't warn you.

Monday, April 26, 2010

Clearance sale at Heart & Sole!

CLEARANCE!! Big changes are coming up at Heart & Sole, and I am slashing prices on shoes and boots that are about to be discontinued. Come in to the main store by end of day Wednesday and pick up these favorites before they are gone forever. Look for the big red CLEARANCE signs!
<3 Bijoux

Saturday, April 24, 2010

Order up a Cosmo at Heart & Sole!

Meeting the girls for drinks and dishing the dirt? Slip into your favorite uptown girl dress and strap on Cosmo, the subtle, sophisticated new shoes from Heart & Sole. A little bit slingback and little bit not, with a rich, velvety suede texture. Switch to your choice of 10 delicious colors with one click of our wonderful new HUD. Find the perfect skin tone with another click, and finish your toes with the shade you like best, and you're all ready to star in your very own episode of Sex and the City...or find your own Mr. Big. Cosmo--only from Heart & Sole.

Saturday, April 17, 2010

Royalty at Heart & Sole

You've been waiting for this special night. You found the gown weeks ago and tried it on a dozen times. Your hair is just right, your jewelry perfect. And now, to make sure you're the belle of the ball, Heart & Sole presents Royalty, a formal shoe to dress you like a princess right down to your toes. Twenty color options let you find just the right shade with a simple click of the HUD, and skin tones match yours precisely. Switch the jeweled accents to match or contrast your outfit, and finish up with the perfect pedicure. You're all set, Cinderella, and you won't want to lose these slippers when you leave the palace.

All the variety of a 20-pair fatpack at a fraction of the cost. Come on in to Heart & Sole and pick up Royalty, your magic slippers.

Monday, April 12, 2010

Daisy Days Hunt on Heart & Sole sim

Hello hunt lovers! Today a sim-only hunt begins in the Heart & Sole sim. No running all over the grid to grab your prizes--all the stores are on the same sim! You have all week from April 12-19, so come on over and help us welcome springtime.

Look for the Daisy in these stores:

Heart & Sole (1 item)
MFP Designs (2 items)
.::Delirium::. (1 item)
*W&D* (1 item)
Sassy Kitty Designs (3 items)
Sommerfeld Designs (2 items)
~ELO~ Design (1 item)
Blackberry Jam (1 item)
Virtual Insanity (1 item)
Alexohol Fashions (1 item)

IM Maia Humphreys if you need hints, but definitely don't miss the fun!

Sunday, April 11, 2010

Three new styles & a great new HUD!

Spring is here and those shorts and miniskirts are calling, so get ready to show off your feet in two new styles from Heart & Sole!

"Tangled" is a cork-soled wedge with a frisky, fun feel, perfect to step out for lunch or stroll along the boardwalk. Your toes and ankles are captured by ribbons and tied with perky bows. Thirteen sweet shades all tangled up in one color-change shoe, for the variety of a fatpack without fattening your inventory or the additional cost.

"Twined" is the slightly dressier sister, with a glossy black sole and wedge, for an early evening look that's still easy and casual. One color-change shoe lets you choose from thirteen bold colors to wind around your pretty toes and ankles and carry you to dinner, dancing, or whatever the moonlight has in store.
Both shoes feature the new HUD that makes matching skin tones fast and simple, and lets you change textures with just a click. It's like getting a whole fatpack for a fraction of the cost!

GOTCHA! My newest release will grab you the second you see them! These chunky black boots have a dizzy spike heel and the cool banded trim has infinite texture changes! Choose from fun furs, metallics, or solids, and tint them to each outfit with the rainbow palette. The metal buckles also change to 5 different tones. You'll have so much fun pairing them with all your kicky summer looks!
Come into Heart & Sole today and see all that's new!

Sunday, March 21, 2010

RFL shoes in the main store!

Hi everyone! The Relay For Life is a cause dear to my heart, and four special pairs of footwear will be available in my main store, with all proceeds going to RFL to support cancer research and awareness!

Come on over and check out these four limited editions while they are still around--you can look great AND do some good at the same time!

<3 Bijoux

Thursday, March 18, 2010

Last Call Wall, closeout styles at super-low prices

There's a new section in the Heart & Sole store called Last Call. As new styles come in, I'll be phasing out older styles and placing them in this area to give everyone a final chance to pick up old favorites at an unbelievable discount. All individual pairs are $75L, and all fatpacks are $250L. Once they're gone, they're gone for good, so grab them before they disappear. Look for the Last Call wall near the front of the main store.

<3 Bijoux

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

St. Patrick's Day Sale at Heart & Sole

Sure, and you want to be headin' over to Heart & Sole to find your shoes for the wearin' of the green! All green footwear only $75L--including thigh highs and new releases! Two days only, this sale absolutely ends Thursday morning, grab your favorites at this lucky price!

Saturday, March 13, 2010

RFL Clothing Fair is underway!


Heart & Sole is proud to be involved in SL's Relay for Life in support of cancer awareness and research. Join us this week for fashion, fun, and fundraising for a very worthy cause.

Here's a sample of what you'll see:

We're on the Paris sim, but you'll want to visit all nine sims to see the great fashions and meet all the wonderful people involved!

See you there!

Maia shoes, new this week at Heart & Sole!

My last pair of shoes this weekend, are very special. Heart & Sole could not function without my assistant, Maia Humphreys. Maia has been a dear friend to me for years, and last year she agreed to help me with running the store as well. She has been asking for something like this shoe, so I present you with MAIA. Thank you Maia, for all you do! MAIA comes in 9 colors, or a roughed up leather. Color change metal heels, and padlocks!

Friday, March 12, 2010

Get ready for springtime with two fresh new ballet flats from Heart & Sole.

Kick off your spring wardrobe with Buttons. Textured leather flats strapped across your instep and adorned with textured buttons for a look that's modern with a touch of nostalgia. Change leather colors with a click so you're always right in style in shorts, miniskirts, or whatever your day calls for.

Riveted is every bit as fun and frisky, with a slightly more sophisticated feel. Sleek, strapless flats will take you from busy days to casual evenings without missing a step. Switch shades with a click, and adjust the color of the metal rivets to suit your accessories or just your whims.

Both styles color change to 10 scrumptious shades, giving you the variety of a fatpack at the price of a single pair of shoes! Come in to Heart & Sole and grab them both!

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Mae and Bette join the Sirens Collection!

Two more classic beauties for you from the Sirens of the Silver Screen collection at Heart & Sole.


No other woman redefined sexuality like Mae West, with a sultry, come-hither attitude that was equal parts invitation and challenge. She broke every rule in Hollywood, and her risqué humor even landed her in jail for "corrupting the morals of youth". Mae didn't just walk, she strolled, always with her trademark shimmy that other actresses have tried and failed to capture. When she purred, "Why don't you come up and see me sometime?" it was clearly a dare, with no doubt who was going to win. Totally in control, but always 100% woman, Mae West was truly one of a kind.

There's surely a little of Mae hidden inside you, because when you're good, you're very good...but when you're bad, you're better. Strut your sizzling stuff in Mae, the outrageously sexy new shoe from Heart & Sole. Closed-toe pumps with a dizzyingly high heel. In nine seductive shades with a color change heart charm tickling your ankles...or go for the fatpack and own them all in one pair of color-change shoes.

People will say, "Goodness, what lovely shoes!" but as Mae would tell you...goodness had nothing to do with it.


"Fasten your seatbelts, it's going to be a bumpy night." Bette Davis set the tone for her entire career with this legendary quote. An exotic beauty who looked nothing like the girl next door, she was known for her brilliant portrayals of women who were not at all nice. Her private life was indeed bumpy, with a list of lovers that included reclusive millionaire Howard Hughes, but Bette lived and worked by the words "Attempt things that you think are beyond you." Just the mention of her name conjures up the dramatic image of those unforgettable eyes.

"Bette" from Heart & Sole celebrates the woman inside you who does the unexpected. Near-naked pumps with a dangerous heel and a firm grip on your ankles, enhanced with a color-change metal ornament. Eight luscious leather colors take you beyond what you've imagined...or choose the fatpack and get one pair of shoes that changes to all the colors.

Fasten Bette on, and get ready for your own bumpy night.

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Sale on the Heart & Sole sim!

Heart & Sole would like to invite you to check out our sim's brand-new look! Please be our guests for a special two-day sale to help you get to know the new Heart and Sole sim!

All participating stores on the sim will have at least one of their regular high-quality items on sale for 50% off--one day only, so don't miss out!

Visit the following stores on Wednesday, March 3rd or Thursday, March 4th.
Virtual Insanity
KC Designs
Sassy Kitty
plastic flowers
Blackberry Jam

Monday, March 1, 2010

Totally Twisted for the Twisted Hunt and a bonus boot!

It's Totally Twisted! A fun, quirky new boot ready to kick your fashion sense into high gear as you travel the hunt trail. A chunky heel strapped in place by a fat leather belt, with two more hugging your ankles to keep you ready for fast action. Deep, rich green leather gets you ready for the spring styles that are just ahead. And just for fun, the buckles are color change--gold, silver, copper, and black, for every person you need to be in them. Your gift from Heart & Sole for the Twisted Hunt.

I'm so sure you're going to love them, I've made a full color-change version, and as a little bonus I'm offering them at a special low price! Only $300L gets you these fun, sexy boots that change to nine luscious leather colors: purple, white, yellow, teal, pink, red, green, blue, or black. The buckles change to the four metal tones, just like the freebie, to give you so many combinations you'll slide them on with everything! Look for them in the Heart & Sole main store.

Happy hunting! Claim your prize, then pick up Totally Twisted Color-Change at this unheard of low price!
<3 Bijoux

Sunday, February 21, 2010

Be a legend in Marilyn and Joan

Introducing the Sirens of the Silver Screen Collection

Heart & Sole salutes the classic beauty of the amazing women who defined what stardom would become.


She was the perfect combination of sweet and sinful, a sexy beauty men wanted to possess and protect at the same time. Her star shone brightly and burned out too soon, but Marilyn Monroe will live on forever. Capture her glow and the magic for yourself in Marilyn. Let your naughty toes flirt in the sunshine while your shy ankles are neatly tied up in a plump, feminine bow.
Nine picture-perfect shades to make you glitter like a star in every outfit, only from Heart & Sole.


Beyond her reputation as Mommie Dearest, Joan Crawford was a glamorous star of stage and screen, and a brilliant and determined businesswoman. In her day she dominated Hollywood and proved that women didn't have to accept rules made by men. Was she a little crazy in her personal life? Some say yes, some say no, but no one can deny her incredible presence and strength. Heart & Sole channels that power to you with Joan. Sleek pumps with a commanding heel, strapped across the toes, buckled across the instep, and not one but two belts latched around your ankle to support every step. Nine camera-ready colors. Stand tall in Joan, and show the world that the sexiest thing about a woman can be pure confidence.

Top 5? Oh yes!!!!

I just found out, InnerWorld Magazine has named Heart & Sole's Wrapped one of the Top 5 Shoes with Sculpted Toes! What a huge honor! I'm so excited, and I thank every one of you for this recognition--it wouldn't have happened without all of you!!!

<3 Bijoux

Friday, February 12, 2010

Heart-healthy fatpacks at Heart & Sole!!

Heart & Sole is trimming the fat--all fatpacks are now reduced! Fatpacks have always been a great way to save while getting a wide variety of colors in the styles you love. To make having plenty of choice even easier on your budget, I'm marking down ALL my fatpacks. If you need two or more colors of a shoe or boot, the whole pack will always be your best value.

Also...look for new lower prices on some individual shoes and boots throughout the store! This is my Valentine's gift to all of you! This is NOT a sale, these are permanent price reductions. I love my customers!


Buckle up for a wild ride in Strapping!!

If some is good, more is better, and Heart & Sole feeds your need for more with Strapping. You've flirted with thigh-highs, but you never saw this one coming. Long, lean, textured leather hugs your calves and thighs tightly, bound by a cascade of straps and buckles that would confound Houdini himself...but you slip into them as easily as a dagger into its sheath. Lash them on with any outfit--a touch changes the color of the leather, the straps, even the buckles. Red, blue, purple, white, or blackest black for the leather and straps, and silver, black, copper, or gold for the buckles...these boots will obey your every whim, and remind everyone else you mean business.

Nobody else straps you in like Heart & Sole.