Sunday, November 29, 2009

Ho-ho-holiday greetings!

So much is new at Heart & Sole! The store is open with a fresh look and a whole new layout to make shopping easier for you. And check out these two new styles making their winter debut.

Jolly is a season-inspired shoe with a whole new take on the holiday look. A sleek, sophisticated pump dressed up in a fun and furry cuff, in five festive flavors to take you beyond the usual red and green. Treat yourself and grab them all!

Wrapped is all set to slip under your tree, unless you just can't wait that long to show off! Sexy pumps buckle up your pretty toes, and then wind their way up to capture your ankles. Six sumptuous shades help to make your season bright at every holiday party.

Stop in and let me know what you think of your new Heart & Sole!

<3 Bijoux

Friday, November 13, 2009

Lucky you

Friday the 13th is good luck at Heart & Sole! I have two delicious new shoes for you!

You're slinking down the red carpet, lovely and bejeweled, smiling in the spotlight as everyone watching secretly wishes to be you. Let your feet be as decorated as your throat and ears in Drops. Sectioned leather bands hug your ankles and toes, and delicate chains dangle glittering diamonds that twinkle with every step. Eight camera-ready colors to keep you always ready for your closeup.

Broken is a sophisticated, sexy pump with a secret...a tiny broken heart suspended from the ankle, so subtle that only those who are really looking will see. And who knows what conversations that may start. Six sleek shades that will bend but never break. Stop wearing your heart on your sleeve.

Both these new releases are waiting for you now, so come on in and grab them! Also, don't forget,the Changing of the Seasons Hunt ends November 15th--there's still plenty of time to snag all the great prizes!


Sunday, November 8, 2009

Lolita Ruff-Deadly...walk along a darker path

Remember that fascinatingly wicked little girl your mother wouldn't let you play with? She's back, and she's all grown up.

Meet Lolita Ruff-Deadly, the ever-so-naughty collaboration between Heart & Sole and Nightshade. She started out sweet, but she took a wrong turn somewhere. Classy heeled pumps and black lace ankle socks topped by a frilly ruff, with all traces of innocence chased away by the slightly sinister charms peering through the lace. In six savage shades for every sort of mischief you can imagine, and a few you can't...yet.

Be the girl who comes with a warning label. Lolita Ruff-Deadly, only available at Heart & Sole and Nightshade.

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Clearance Sale, Crazy Low Prices!

Heart & Sole is having a clearance shoe sale. For a few days only, 50L per pair on these designs, and when the sale is over, these shoes are gone forever!