Sunday, February 21, 2010

Be a legend in Marilyn and Joan

Introducing the Sirens of the Silver Screen Collection

Heart & Sole salutes the classic beauty of the amazing women who defined what stardom would become.


She was the perfect combination of sweet and sinful, a sexy beauty men wanted to possess and protect at the same time. Her star shone brightly and burned out too soon, but Marilyn Monroe will live on forever. Capture her glow and the magic for yourself in Marilyn. Let your naughty toes flirt in the sunshine while your shy ankles are neatly tied up in a plump, feminine bow.
Nine picture-perfect shades to make you glitter like a star in every outfit, only from Heart & Sole.


Beyond her reputation as Mommie Dearest, Joan Crawford was a glamorous star of stage and screen, and a brilliant and determined businesswoman. In her day she dominated Hollywood and proved that women didn't have to accept rules made by men. Was she a little crazy in her personal life? Some say yes, some say no, but no one can deny her incredible presence and strength. Heart & Sole channels that power to you with Joan. Sleek pumps with a commanding heel, strapped across the toes, buckled across the instep, and not one but two belts latched around your ankle to support every step. Nine camera-ready colors. Stand tall in Joan, and show the world that the sexiest thing about a woman can be pure confidence.