Saturday, October 24, 2009

October fun & fashion

Greetings! What a busy week its been, with the Black Widow Hunt all over the H&S Sim, new stores joining our family, and the usual rush of the season! But I've been working hard for you and I know you won't be disappointed.

With the cooler weather arriving in my part of the world, I've had one thing on my mind--keeping your feet warm! To that end I have not one, not two, not three, but FOUR new shoes which include color change socks for a warm touch!

Lolita is as spunky and sweet as the name, with cute ankle socks to pamper those little piggies while you strut in style. Six colors to coordinate with everything in your autumn wardrobe, and plenty of choices for the socks.

Zamira is a fun, flirty platform wedge in three colors, with cozy knee socks attached. Just a click lets you change the color of each sock. Match them or go a little crazy and wear socks in two different colors!

Lisette and Niennra are black platform wedges too, but their socks have a difference. Lisette offers a subtle, fashionable stripe, while Niennra has a funky retro argyle look. Both color change, so they'll take you from one outfit to the next with a few clicks--if you can decide which color you like best!

Don't forget there are magic pumpkins appearing around the store at random--if you find one with your initial on it, grab it for one of three different styles of H&S shoes!

Stay tuned, keep warm, and remember I love to hear from you!